everything you need to know about working together on your wedding day!

The hug you mom gives you before you leave your dressing room,The tear that falls down his cheack when He sees you walk down the aisle.The way you two lean your heads together during the toasts. This day is about more than flowers and the shoes you chose. It's about celebrating the start of a new family It's an honor to play a part in such a important day and I hope you'll choose me to be part of yours!



you've looked through my website, blog , social media and you like what you see. The next step is to  set up a date and time to chat to see if we're the perfect fit!


process . . .

Once we've realized we're a good fit and we've discussed all the details , it's time to secure the date by paying the 30% deposit. That's it , then we are  official ! 


secure your date

I feel like this is such a huge part of your wedding experience! You both get a feel of how I pose and achieve my imagery . We can get to know each other, so that by the time the wedding rolls around we'll feel more like friends than business partners.

engagement session


About 4-6 weeks before the big day,I will send you my wedding questionnaire so we can begin planning the timeline & details. It's important for me to know all the details so I can make sure I get all the images your dreaming of!

your details


Your wedding day is FINALLY here! Your only job today is to enjoy each others company and let me do all the work. Your wedding day will go by fast, so soak it all in while letting me preserve all the special memories for you!

the big day



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