In my spare time,once the kids are in bed of course,I like to sit down  with a hot cup of coffee and binge watch a good show.Anyone that knows me knows I have an obsession with coffee.My hubby calls it an addiction but i have no shame in it whatsoever! My favorite day is Friday,because that's the day I get to go grocery shopping! No kids! You moms out there you know what I mean. !ol. 

Hey you! I'm Irma! Wife,mom, and story teller. I love this life where I get to serve others. I married my best friend and five years ago moved with him to a place I had never seen or stepped foot on,Alberta. We have three beautiful daughters that I chase after when I'm not at a wedding or session.My family means the world to me and I love that they are with me on this journey. 


a little bit 

I love creating stunning portraits,but pretty pictures isn't why I do What I do.It's loving & serving my clients to create an amazing experience for them.
This job comes with a lot of challenges & dedication. Its requires giving up time with my family on weekends.Spending countless hours editing,answering emails,even during vacation! And yet I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! I love what I do! God has blessed me with the amazing gift of creating beautiful images for couple to cherish for generations .He brings so many amazing people into my life that get to bless in return. Not only with images,but by extending love to them and serving them through the entire experience.

Why I do,what I do!

''we had so much fun with Irma and not just us, everyone said how she was the most fun photographer they ever had the pleasure to work with ! She's amazing !'
                    - Shayne & Kim 


My sweet couples have said,

''Irma did such an amazing job ! She captured our personalities so perfectly, She did an amazing job breaking us out of our shell !! ''
                        Roya & Brandon


''my goodness me do I love our pictures! Irma was such a blast ,I'm so happy we chose her to capture our day!  
                       -Josh & Kristy    



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